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May 04, 2011


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I noticed the title of your post. Every time I hear that song, I get goosebumps and teary-eyed. Makes me think of my house too.

I loved your house. It is sad to think that your parents are not there anymore, but like you said, now the house gets to see one more happy family raised in it.

I bought my first waffle iron a few months ago and thought about your dad's famous sleepover waffles. I had to buy powdered sugar for my first batch. *sigh* Great memories :)

When was the picture of the good-bye waving taken?

Thanks for distinguishing between the house and the memories of the house. The house will not always be ours, but the memories always will be. Here's to powerful memories about how our lives are blessed.

I bet it was taken when we had the impromtue family reunion at the house. It is taken from the freeway heading toward Boron.

You are a magnificent writer.

Some of my memories of my second home....
Swimming pool sized fort holes with plywood for the roof in the back yard dug by my brothers and yours.
Velveeta in the kitchen- banned in my house : )
Piano lessons in the living room.
My Boron wedding reception.
Summer parties with home made ice cream.
The extra key to our house in the kitchen drawer saving my bacon when I forgot mine.
My mom and yours with their big canning production in the kitchen and garage.
The big seed pods from the trees in your yard.
Our moms giving each other home perms - ahhh the smell : )
Running down the street for a cup of sugar.
Grant getting in trouble for teaching Margie a "swear word".
Gracefully running in to the corner of the under stairs closet before kindergarten - comfort from Sister Clark and stitches (still amazed I managed to do that!)
The Clarks and the Benedicts - lots of memories to love.

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